Services for Women

You have many roles. You are a daughter, mother, spouse, wife, sister, and friend. You have a lot of roles to stand in during your day and life can get incredibly busy.

I help women like you, from early twenties and beyond navigate the important aspects of who you are and who you want to become. Most of the time, life is so busy that women tend to let self care be the last bullet point on the to-do list. Therapy provides a sounding board for you to not only take care of yourself, but also work through issues and events that come up in your relationships, in the workplace, and beyond.

I help women work through anxiety, depression, infertility, self-esteem and self image, body image issues, the aging process, and life transitions. If you’re ready to begin looking at and changing some aspects of your life, touch base with me!

Services for Families, Children & Adolescents

Your child (no matter their age) is the most important person in your entire life.

It is the hardest job in the world to parent a child that will become a successful adult in society. Success is measured differently for everyone. I work with children and adolescents to help them find coping skills for difficult behaviors, interventions for school, personality challenges with peers, and alternative strategies for learning how to make healthy choices.

If you are an adolescent, I already think you are an incredible gift.

You are someone who is seeking something you need. This means you are looking to get your needs met by talking to a professional who has an unbiased perspective of your life. And I can help you process, navigate, and mediate all of the developmental changes in school, relationships, transition, and challenges that you face.

I help children and adolescents transfer the incredible talents they possess in school, arts, sports, family relationships, and other domains of life into building self-esteem and self-image.

I work with children of all ages and diagnoses. These children and adolescents may experience grief, loss, transition, relationship challenges, learning disabilities, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Mood Disorders, Anxiety and anxious preoccupation, and other diagnoses. Most of the time, some understanding and behavioral change through teaching coping strategies can help reduce concern and worry in both parents and their children. I look forward to working with you! 

Services for Couples

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Services for Men

Men deal with a lot of pressure in our society today. In a highly successful and driven culture, it can be challenging to have a place to process emotions or difficult life events.

I work primarily with men in their twenties and thirties to help with life transitions, social anxiety and dating, work place issues, family and relationship problems, and self identity. I also help men cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety, role transition from college to work identity, and loss of athlete identity. In a culture that is shifting it’s stigma of mental health, I hope to work with you in changing any portion of your life that you’re ready to work on.