Services for Women

You have many roles to play in life. You are a daughter, mother, spouse, employee, wife, sister, and friend. You stand in many identities during your day and life can get incredibly busy.

I help women like you, from early twenties and beyond navigate the important aspects of who you are and who you want to become. Most of the time, life is so busy that women tend to let self care be the last bullet point on the to-do list. Therapy provides a sounding board for you to not only take care of yourself, but also to work through issues and events that come up in your relationships, in the workplace, and beyond.

I help women work through anxiety, depression, infertility, self-esteem and self image, body image issues, the aging process, and life transitions. If you’re ready to begin looking at and changing some aspects of your life, touch base with me!

Life Coaching & Therapy

Life coaching has become a popular way of strategic problem solving in today's society.

This work is a little different than psychotherapy, as there is less processing of the past, and more working with clear set goals. This is action based and productivity focused, in order to help maximize quick changes and results in your life. We focus on the vision you have for an optimal healthy and happy life.

Services for Men

Men deal with a lot of pressure in our society today. In a highly successful and driven culture, it can be challenging to have a place to process emotions or difficult life events.

I work primarily with men in their twenties and thirties to help with life transitions, social anxiety and dating, work place issues, family and relationship problems, and self identity. I also help men cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety, role transition from college to work identity, and loss of athlete identity. In a culture that is shifting it’s stigma of mental health, I hope to work with you in changing any portion of your life that you’re ready to work on.


Health & Athletes

The relationship with your body is the most important one you’ll ever have. After all, it carries you through the life you’ve been given to live.

Are you an athlete going through physical therapy or rehabilitation due to pain or surgery? Or, are you someone who spent your entire life on the court or field and no longer play sports? I am a health and rehabilitation psychologist by trade, meaning, I work with athletes and body recovery.

When you are in the process of training for a sport event or recovering from injury, it’s imperative to maintain a positive emotional outlook. However, recovery or training, has it’s ups and downs. I help people work on mental manipulation as well as performance anxiety to increase the mental aspect of your health and you.

I also work with individuals who would like to change nutrition and exercise in order to gain access to the most healthy version of you.

Travel Psychology Consultation

Interested in getting away?

There is a lot of fear and anxiety connected to getting to the destination of your dreams. From planning the trip to processing the stress of being on an airplane, I help individuals move through to-do lists and push back fear to overcome travel anxiety. Most people spend their entire lives watching places and activities they've yearned to go to or be a part of pass them by. This is often due to lack of control during the travel process and fear of the unknown.

I enjoy helping my clients overcome the mental boundaries in his or her way to find joy on the other end of travel.

We can video chat and/or speak via telephone to get your needs met.

In an ideal world, you’d have all the time you want to make it into the office for a therapy session every week. But life is busy and most of my clients find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. I work with clients through video chat sessions to provide therapy for busy schedules. Whether it’s in between meetings at work or in the car while your kids are at practice, my clients have found that virtual therapy fits into the schedule just at the perfect time.