A Note to My Future Patients

You have a lot of responsibility. You are a daughter, mother, spouse, wife, sister, and friend. You have a lot of roles to stand in during your day and life can get incredibly busy. Psychotherapy for women’s issues in my private practice helps you support all of these roles. Most importantly, psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to look at the most important role of all: the relationship you have with yourself.

I help women like you process life’s challenging roles. Life is full of change, both controllable and completely uncontrollable, and you deserve to have someone walk by your side through these changes. Psychotherapy provides 50-minutes a week of time that is set aside, just for you, to invest in you. I provide a place for you to process who you are and what you need to focus on. It is incredible to see the transformation that my patients go through with a little bit of support. I hope that you will let me join you for your ride on this thing we call life.

Information for You

Did you know that one in five Americans have a mental health diagnosis? While it is absolutely empowering to gain information about diagnoses such as: depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder due to grief/infertility/life transition/loss, eating and nutrition issues, bipolar, the aging process, obsessive compulsive, and other diagnoses, I DO NOT SEE MY PATIENTS AS A DIAGNOSIS.

I see you as a woman. I see you as a brave and courageous person who is worthy of a full life. I provide psycho-education on information regarding psychological information that you need. I also provide a place for you to land and feel safe.

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