Hello there fellow globe trotters and wanderlusters! You have settled onto this page because you’re curious about the psychology of travel and all that it entails. As I work in the hospital setting, I speak with older adults who aren’t able to travel due to physical health changes. Most of my patients state that their greatest regret in life is putting off traveling until the later years.

I have developed a cognitive approach to travel and the psychology of self-discovery, so that individuals like you can make your dreams come true. Have you always been wanting to get on an airplane and see the Eiffel Tower at night? Have you been hoping to take a road trip across the United States to see the country coast to coast?

Fear and anxiety of the unknown in uncontrollable situations can keep you from daring to do what you love. Thus, I provide online travel psychology consultation services for people exactly like you. Most of this work is solution-focused, as I help my clients work through to-do lists and travel plans. We also discuss anxiety revolving around travel: the what if’s or how to’s so that when you are faced with challenges on the road, you have the ability to make good problem-solving choices.

I also provide travel consultation for business trips, for those who have fear of flying, public speaking in different locations, or guilt from travel away from family.

Sessions are offered in 25 or 50 minute time intervals. The best part of working with me, is that you have support wherever you are in the world. I truly enjoy watching my clients overcome their fears. Please inquire for more information. drkatecummins@gmail.com or (424)488-9973.