Are you an athlete in training? Have you completed your high school dream and are you headed off to play college sports? Or are you someone who once was an athlete, and have found yourself in a rut? Finding motivation during life’s changes, especially after life in the spotlight, can be a challenging transition.

Athletes have are equipped with performance motivation that helps with getting things done. But sometimes it’s hard to transition these skills into every day life. Sometimes it’s even hard to move forward after the glory days are over. There is a big transition that happens after life as an athlete, and I help people work through this.

In addition, many sports injuries result in brain injury, even if it goes undiagnosed by a physician. Concussions and other trauma to the brain can lead to decreased processing speed, lack of attention to detail, and sometimes cause feelings of sadness or anhedonia (loss of interest in activity that once brought us pleasure). Sometimes athletes feel different, but they don’t know why. I help with cognitive restructuring and rehabilitation with athletes to help them understand, overcome injury, and find the new phase in life.

I work with athletes of any age (children, teens, college-age and beyond) to bring out the best version of who you are.  This happens on the court or off- to help improve your sport abilities and increase satisfaction in all areas of your life.

I meet with teams and individuals, at the beach, on the court, in my offices, and via skype to help you find yourself again. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please email me at or call me at (424)488-9973 for a free consultation.